exchange rate

Local currency to perfectmoney dollar account  exchange Rate


1 US Dollar  =  120 Japanese Yen

1 US Dollar = 10 Chinese Yuan

1 US Dollar  = 10 Ghanaian Cedi

1 US Dollar  = 410 Nigerian Naira

1 US Dollar   =  65 Gambian Dalasi

1 US Dollar  =  35 Ethiopian Birr

1 US Dollar  =  20 Botswanan Pula

1 US Dollar  =  120 Liberian Dollar

1 US Dollar  =  20 South African Rand


Dear valued investor,

We are happy to announce an upcoming Normalization system which will guarantee a full return of your investment.

We deem it fit to  notify you on the details of this process and how this will give you a complete investment experience.

This will remove all dormant investments completely from the system, ensure a fully secured investments and give you 100% guarantee on the return of your profits. We are changing the payment system and connecting every member with international investors from different parts of the world. with this system, you can now earn in foreign currency and grow your business wherever you are located.

we are taking you global with guaranteed return on your investment on a regular bases. The Normalization process will be completed and implemented on the 7th of May 2017.

All funds will be converted into Dollar denominations and ”Perfectmoney” will be adopted as the new payment system.

below are the frequently asked questions.

How it works?

Starting from 7th of May 2017, all old and new investors must update their profile with their perfectmoney dollar account. And every investors account will be normalized to dollar account which means that both local and international investors can earn in dollar and the bank form of payment will be removed.

What is the Benefit?

Their will be no more fake proof of payment. Payment with perfectmoney will be approved automatically by the system and all old and new investors will be sure of getting their money back.

As we notice some setback in local accounts with bank form of payment and the issues of fake proof of payment with bank, With this improvement, Investcashout will be global and all investors will be sure of getting their money back.

What will happen to old account with local currency?

All old account will be upgraded to dollar account.

What will be the exchange rate?

The exchange rate has been standardized by Investcashout team. Below is the link to our exchange rate.

To view exchange rate  click here

How do i open perfect money account?

All investors should use the below link to open perfectmoney account.

Don’t have perfectmoney account? click here


The adoption of perfectmoney has been concluded and the system will be upgraded starting from 7th of May 2017. All pending payment should be concluded before Saturday 6th of May 2017.

Thank you for trusting in us, we care about your business.
click HERE to open a account now

Our new updated policy

Dear investors,
        Base on sustainability of the platform, we the entire team of investcashout have plan to make sure that all pending John Makasson Reserved Credit will be paid off with our new adopted policy. Please read bellow.

Our new adopted policy

  1. All investors with John Makasson Reserved Credit account will be paid off.
  2. It is not compulsory to refer friend and family.
  3. All member with John Makasson reserved credit will received 10% of their current investment from their JMRC account and added with their cash out. Example if a member has $200 in his/her JMRC account and currently invested $100, then during his/her cashout,  10% of his $100 investment will be removed from his/her JMRC account to his current cashout balance.  10/100 * 100 = 10, then his/her total cash out will be $100 + 50% + $1,  the $1 will be removed from his JMRC remaining $199. The more you invest, the more your cashout your JMRC.
  4. Any member without JMRC will have no need to have JMRC account.
  5. Any member that request for his/her account to be unblock will loose 40% of his/her John Makasson Reserved Credit
  6. No investors must have more than two pending investment as this will be considered fraud and your account will be automatically block.
  7. No investor must has more than 1 account as this will be considered fraud and all the account associated with it will be block

This new policy is for sustainability of the platform, and we urge everyone to abide by the rules and regulation to help us serve you better.

for more information please send mail to



Payment Account

Payment account in ICO Investment is served as your current account balance to cashout. Base on the new policy.

John Makasson Reserved Credit (JMEC)

John Makasson Reserved Credit (JMRC) is a reserved credit for all iCO Investors. If an investor is having $0 to $50 balance, then 70% of the investors current cashout will be credited to the jmrc account while the remaining 30% will be cashout but if an investor is having greater than $50 in his/her jmrc account, 20% of the jmrc balance will be automatically added to the current cashout of the investor.

Also all investors bonus will be credited to JMRC account.

Example of how JMRC work on ICO Investment,

If user A is having $100 in his/her JMRC and he/she wanted to cashout $200 then 20% of $100 in his/her jmrc account will be added to the current cashout of $200 making the total cashout to be $200 + $20 = $220, then remaining $80 in his/her jrmc account. Then the next time user A will cashout, another 20% of $80 will be added to his/her current cashout and so on until the jmrc balance  is <=$50 then 70% of the current cashout will be use to credit the jmrc account remaining 30% for user A to cashout.

This policy was implemented for the purpose of sustainability.


Prefer merged day removed

New Implementation for sustainability of the system.

Prefer merged day restored to allow user choose when they wanted to be merged

I can’t meet up button restored. To allowed payee to cancel investment if he/she can’t meet up with the payment.

Removal of first time bonus.

Remove teller button added to allow those who mistakenly remove the teller in case they can meet up with the payment anymore.



John Makasson Robot

John Makasson Robot is implemented to maintain the sustainability, detection of fake proof of payment and implementation of fast merging.

John Makasson Merging algorithm was introduced for financial institution to maintain order of investors who invest and take off their investment appropriately.

In financial institution, merge sort (also commonly spelled mergesort) is an efficient, general-purpose, comparison-based sorting algorithm. Most implementations produce a stable platform, which means that the implementation preserves the platform input order of equal elements in the sorted output.  John Makasson Algorithm is a divide and conquer algorithm that was invented by John Makasson in 1945.

The John Makasson Robot uses John Makasson merging algorithm to implement sustainability, detection of fake proof of payment and fast merging to the platform. This means all investors will be able to see the health status of the platform before and after they invested.

ICO Investment has worked hard to impletment this robot knowing fully well that the robot will help in sustaining the platform for years.

By implementing John Makasson Robot means that the robot will be allowed to closed withdraw anytime it detect maximum of 1,000,000 withdrawals per quater in 24 hours and opens withdraw immediatly it detect the withdraw has reduced from 1,000,000, in this way, the robot merged within 2-4 hours of withdraw.

Also the John Makasson Robot is allowed to read all proof of payment uploaded by payee and immediately it is marked as fake, the robot flag it up and ban the payee.

Please if you think you have been wrongfully ban, do well to informed us.


What is different between Real Income table and Temporary Income table?

Temporary income table is an investment table where your un-merge investment  is. Under temporary income table, it means your
investment has not been merge to payout, and you can still cancel the investment any time once it has not been merge to cashout.
Real income table is an investment table where each of your investment that has been confirmed will be. Under real income table, you can
withdraw your investment and all your bonus together.

How does ICO Works?

Immediately you place an investment, your income started reading, and when the time reach to payout, base on your payout time,
the system merge you with someone in your locality and provide the beneficiary details in your dashboard. Once you make your payment,
we advice you to upload your proof of payment. Once the beneficiary confirmed your payment, ICO Investment send you a confirmation message that your payment has been confirmed.
Please immediately you get a confirmation message, make sure you login to your account and click Income button to check if the payment has been confirmed.


Absolutely yes. Though you get almost 100% of what you invest, you can lose everything if you are not careful.
Do not confirmed payment when you have not received your money. Any payment confirmed can not be reversed.
Only pay into account ICO Investment provide for you online, incase you encounter any fraudulent act from the investor, ICO Investment can take care of it if you only pay into the account provided for you.
ICO Investment send text, only for remind purposes, do not send money to any account send to your mobile phone claiming ICO Investment. ICO Investment will never send you someone’s account details.
Do not disclose your login identity. Incase you lost your password, only retrieve it through
Immediately you transfer money to beneficiary’s account, upload your proof of payment so as to pause the elapse time giving to you.
Do not upload fake proof of payment. With our image reader software, if fake proof of payment is detected, you will be ban by the system and your payment is lost.