What is different between Real Income table and Temporary Income table?

Temporary income table is an investment table where your un-merge investmentĀ  is. Under temporary income table, it means your
investment has not been merge to payout, and you can still cancel the investment any time once it has not been merge to cashout.
Real income table is an investment table where each of your investment that has been confirmed will be. Under real income table, you can
withdraw your investment and all your bonus together.

How does ICO Works?

Immediately you place an investment, your income started reading, and when the time reach to payout, base on your payout time,
the system merge you with someone in your locality and provide the beneficiary details in your dashboard. Once you make your payment,
we advice you to upload your proof of payment. Once the beneficiary confirmed your payment, ICO Investment send you a confirmation message that your payment has been confirmed.
Please immediately you get a confirmation message, make sure you login to your account and click Income button to check if the payment has been confirmed.


Absolutely yes. Though you get almost 100% of what you invest, you can lose everything if you are not careful.
Do not confirmed payment when you have not received your money. Any payment confirmed can not be reversed.
Only pay into account ICO Investment provide for you online, incase you encounter any fraudulent act from the investor, ICO Investment can take care of it if you only pay into the account provided for you.
ICO Investment send text, only for remind purposes, do not send money to any account send to your mobile phone claiming ICO Investment. ICO Investment will never send you someone’s account details.
Do not disclose your login identity. Incase you lost your password, only retrieve it through investcashout.com/recover.
Immediately you transfer money to beneficiary’s account, upload your proof of payment so as to pause the elapse time giving to you.
Do not upload fake proof of payment. With our image reader software, if fake proof of payment is detected, you will be ban by the system and your payment is lost.

Seminar Bonus

Seminar bonus is a bonus giving to people that organize seminar and upload the video to youtube and send us the link. Once your video is approved by the support team, you will be giving $150 instantly.

What is referral bonus?

Referral bonus are bonus giving to investors that invite people to the platform. 15% of referrals investment is giving to the investors that invite such person.

Who are managers?

Invest cashout managers are investors that invite people to join the platform. Any managers that invite 30 active referral become business coordinator.